Labelless life

a journey

Souvenirs of Self

There is magic in travel. Not only are we transported to another place, mood and time, we are whisked away from self. When the minutia of our daily lives isn’t squawking in our ears, a more honest voice gets its turn in the spotlight. Perhaps we become better...

Scared Small

People wonder why Ryan and I walked away from a seemingly perfect life in Colorado. We lived in a beautiful three bedroom victorian home, close to family who we love. My catering company was well recognized, successful and filling a much needed hole in the marketplace. We had created a community of love and support. Things were good. Of course we had our share of stress and hardship, like most folks—the kind of stuff you don’t post on Facebook, but those challenges we generally held as opportunities for growth. The truth is, we weren’t so much walking away from our lives there, rather towards a new one.

Buying the Bus and What Came After…

Buying a bus felt a lot like hunting down a New York City apartment. We (Ryan mostly) spent every spare moment scanning postings, making calls and sending emails. We needed a bus that was completely built out, because we lacked the time and experience to start from...


Ya gotta do it, why not enjoy it! Posts coming soon.


Stuff is happening and it's fun! Posts coming soon.

The Wheels on the Skoolie

...go round and round. 🙂 Posts coming soon.


We are the people on a bus. This is our very first post.